After failing with two other mediators, Dwayne worked with my wife and me, both together and in individual sessions, to assist us in formulating creative solutions for our parenting plan. That was the key to our success in achieving a mediated settlement to our divorce rather than needing to resort to costly litigation. 

At times, our mediation was so high-conflict that individual meetings were necessary to hold the mediation together. I have recommended Dwayne to friends and I thank him for his assistance in resolving the most stressful situation I have experienced in my life.
-Tim P.

Long Island Divorce Mediation Center utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to matrimonial dispute resolution by offering client’s the opportunity to retain a psychologist or social worker experienced in marital counseling that assist the attorney mediator and you in resolving issues that may arise in the mediation including but not limited to: visitation and effective co-parenting strategies for parents that live separately, effective communication, effective dispute resolution strategies that can assist couples in avoiding costly court appearances after their Judgment of Divorce has been granted by the court.

Finally, we can assist couples in reaching a mediated settlement of post-judgment of divorce visitation and child support issues in an expeditious and cost effective manner, again saving our clients from the time consuming and costly exercise of utilizing the Family Court or Supreme Court to resolve.


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